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Setup passthrough-mode for Ubee EVW3200 WiFi modem router

Setup passthrough-mode for Ubee EVW3200 WiFi modem router

If you are using the Ubee EVW3200 modem for your internet connection, by default the internal router is enabled. This means that if you have your own router connected to it, it will get an IP-address from the Ubee router and will NOT get an public IP-address. This also means that if you for example have set-up port forwarding in your own router, you must also setup port forwarding in the Ubee router to your own router. This means redundant set-up and it will probably influence your internet connection speed.

If you don’t want to use the internal router, you have two options:

  1. Call your internet provider and let them disable the router
  2. You can setup a passthrough to your own router.

In both situations the result will be that your own router will get its own public IP-address.

These are the actions to take to set-up the passthrough:

  1. Login to the Ubee modem. By default you can use address
  2. Go to the advanced settings and choose ‘Gateway‘ ->  ‘Options‘ from the menu. At the bottom of this page you will see a list where you can add a mac-address. Add the WAN mac-address from your own router to the list. Normally you can find the mac address on the status page of you router.
  3. Connect your own router to the modem (LAN1 port) and turn it on. The router should now have a public IP-address.


  • If your router still gets an internal IP-address, check the entered mac-address. You should NOT use the LAN, but the WAN mac-address
  • The router of the Ubee modem is not used anymore, but will still have its own public IP-address

Update (dec 2012): The latest version of the software does not allow setting up a pass-through any more. If you still want the pass-through, call your provider to do it for you.