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OpenELEC shell access

OpenELEC shell access

When you are using OpenELEC as media player software, sometimes it can be useful to have direct access to the system. This can be done by opening a shell. With a SSH/Telnet client like PuTTY you open a shell on your OpenELEC system.

In the newest versions of OpenELEC, SSH is disabled by default. To enable SSH you need to create a file called ‘ssh_enable’ in the OpenELEC configuration directory (\\openelec\Configfiles). After creating this file you need to reboot the system.

Now you can start PuTTY and connect to the OpenELEC system. In the configuration select SSH and enter the name of the OpenELEC system (default: openelec). The port should be 22.

PuTTY configuration

After pressing ‘Open’ you should get a shell with a login prompt

PuTTY login

Because OpenELEC is based on Linux, a little Unix/Linux knowledge can come in handy šŸ˜‰

Some tips:

  • Command for listing files: ls -l
  • Use the alias command to define aliases for commands.
    For example: alias l=’ls -la’ will create the an alias called ‘l’ for the command ‘ls -la’.
  • Directory /var/media will contain all your mounted harddisks