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Windows 10 IoT Core – Change basic device configuration

Windows 10 IoT Core – Change basic device configuration

If you have a Windows 10 IoT Core device and want to change some basic settings, follow the instruction below.

First we need to set up a connection with the device

  1. Start Powershell (as administrator)
  2. First start the WinRM service by running: net start WinRM.
    Start WinRM service
  3. Now run the following command: Set-Item WSMan:\localhost\Client\TrustedHosts -Value <machine-name or IP Address>.
    Press ‘Y’ to confirm the change.
  4. Now start a session with the Windows 10 IoT Core device: Enter-PSSession -ComputerName <machine-name or IP Address> -Credential <machine-name or IP Address or localhost>\Administrator. As password use: p@ssw0rd.
Action Command
Change Administrator password

Remark: Once this is done, you’ll need to establish a new PowerShell session using Exit-PSSession and Enter-PSSession with the new credentials.

net user Administrator [new password]
Change device name

Remark: You will need to reboot the device for the change to take effect

setcomputername <new-name>
Reboot device shutdown /r /t 0
Raspberry Pi 2 with 7″ Touchscreen Display running Windows 10 IoT Core

Raspberry Pi 2 with 7″ Touchscreen Display running Windows 10 IoT Core

I while ago I bought myself a Raspberry Pi 2 to play around with. I wanted it to run on Windows 10 IoT Core. That worked fine, with a display connected to HDMI. When the official Raspberry Pi 7″ Tochscreen Display came out I wanted to buy one immediately, but I was to late. The first batch was sold out :-). So I waited for the next batch and bought one.

I directly downloaded the latest version of Windows 10 IoT Core (build 10556), but the screen was not working. Using HDMI it was working…Argh. First I thought maybe the display is not properly connected, but when I tried Raspian, it work fine (even with touch).

Raspian on Raspberry Pi 2

I’ve let it rest for a while and today I picked it up again and found a forum post, stating that build 10556, wil not work with a v1.1 of the Rasberry Pi Display, but it will work with the latest preview build 14262. So assuming that I have a v1.1 of the display, I downloaded the preview version and yes, it’s working! Even with touch 🙂

Windows 10 IoT Core on Rasberry Pi 2

Now the development can begin.

Windows 10 IoT Core - Development