Explanation of the message coming from a P1 port

Explanation of the message coming from a P1 port

Iskra ME382In a previous article I described how you can use a Netduino to read the P1 port of a smart meter. In this article I will explain the contents of the message coming from this P1 port.

A message will always start with a ‘/’ and end with a ‘!’.

Below an example of such a message with some explanation for each message line

Message Explanation
/ISk5\2ME382-10030-0:96.1.1(4B413650303035313332363238353133) brand and type of the meter (this is a ‘ISKRA ME382’)
1-0:1.8.1(00357.909*kWh) +T1, taken off-peak power (357 kWh)
1-0:1.8.2(00253.970*kWh) +T2, taken peak power (253 kWh)
1-0:2.8.1(00000.000*kWh) -T1, returned off-peak power (0 kWh)
1-0:2.8.2(00000.000*kWh) -T2, returned peak power (0 kWh)
0-0:96.14.0(0001) actual rate (1=off-peak power, 0=peak power)
1-0:1.7.0(0000.55*kW) current power consumption (550 Watt)
1-0:2.7.0(0000.00*kW) current return delivery (0 Watt)
0-0:17.0.0(0999.00*kW) maximum current/phase
0-0:96.3.10(1) switch position
0-0:96.13.1() numeric message
0-0:96.13.0() text message
! terminator

In case there’s a gas meter connected to the smart meter, you will see some extra lines with data coming from the gas meter.

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